The Polo, Fabian, Hen Tsang, IBM Battue and

The great historical discoveries have established Indians’ forays into other coun­tries as far as Italy and West Asia besides South Asian countries, where ancient Indian coins and other signs of Indian culture have been found. The travel of the ancient Greek hero, Ulysses, has been immortalized by the blind poet, Homer. Marco Polo, Fabian, Hen Tsang, IBM Battue and other travelers are known to all students of history. Who can forget the adventurous stories of Columbus and Vasco ad Gamma? Now we have Tensing and Hillary – the first to climb the Mount Everest.

Neil Armstrong was the first to travel to the moon in a rocket. Rakish Sharma has been the first and so far the only Indian to travel in space in a Russian rocket. This keen desire for travel has greatly boosted tourism in modern times. The wealthy and not-so-wealthy but curious tourists visit several countries of the world to see natural beauty, historical buildings and men and their manner. They are also a great source of foreign exchange to the countries they visit. They bring some impressions of their own countries and carry impressions of the countries they visit to their own lands. Of course, everybody cannot travel to the moon. But many of us, specifically those who are more adventurous, do travel round the world in a ship, plane or even on a bike or on foot.

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Almost all of us try to visit different cities or countries if we can afford or if we get an opportunity. Why do we do so? Obvi­ously, God has not made man a stay-at home creature. A vegetable life is unnatural to man. So, traveling is important for and natural to all of us.

We all believe in the dictum: Travel light” without the adjunct “when you must.” After all, traveling replenishes our sagging spirits by saving us from the fatal routine ennui and supplies us with fresh energy and determination for struggles of life.


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