When getting nervous or shaky. Early hours

When we had taken our seats, five minutes before the exami­nation the answer books were distributed.

Five minutes later, question papers were delivered to us and we took the question papers with shaky hands. I could see many students bowing their head in prayer that the question paper might be easy. As soon as the question papers had been distributed, the atmosphere of the hall became quiet. Every student was concen­trated on reading the question paper and within 10 minutes’ time, pens began moving on the answer books. While we were writing, invigilators were moving to and fro between the rows of seats.

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Before half an hour was out, I found some students asking for water and some were requesting the invigilators to go out. It appeared now that these students did not fare well and, therefore, they were getting nervous or shaky. Early hours of the examination were very quiet but towards the end of the examination some students tried to glance on their right and left. They even tried to talk across to their neighbors to see if they may get something helpful. They used under-tones to get some help from their neighbors. Some students also tried to get out the answers and, therefore, the invigilators were very active and they moved about with suspicious glances.

Towards the close of the examination, I found that many students were asking for more continuation sheets and when I raised my head, I found that they were busy writing at a great speed. I wondered why they were writing so much and leaving no time for the revision of their answers. As a matter of fact, such students are hardly able to cover the whole paper and they feel that things are well done if they are written at great length.

I was, however, busy writing answers carefully and then I had sufficient time to revise. When the time was over, answer books were handed over to the invigilators and then once more with a sigh of relief we moved out of the examination hall. But we could not resist talking amongst ourselves. As we came out of the exami­nation hall, we tried to compare the answers with those of the others and there started a discussion amongst us. This, however, did not last very long.

As soon as we were out of the portals of the hall, we rushed towards our bicycles and wended our way to our homes.


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