Those driver. If this idea gives you feeling

Those with knowledge of typing and shorthand will find it very easy to earn anything from thirty to a hundred rupees a month, even if they work in the evenings.

Those who know how to drive a car and have a driving license can make up to two Thousand rupees a month working as part or full-time chauffeur. Most people would rather have a cultured person, coming from a decent family driving for them, than the ordinary kind of driver. If this idea gives you feeling of apprehension, what will people say? Well, you can either have your cake, or eat it; you cannot do both. Forget about the people. Most people will praise you for the effort, and those who will not, are not worth bothering about. Think of the jingle of money in your pocket. It makes good music. There will be some among you who will not get inspired by all these suggestions, because you feel that your particular talents do not lie here.

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All right, what are you interested in? Sketching, Painting? Everyone needs greeting cards for Diwali, New year and Easter. Hand- painted cards are considered very sophisticated, and the cost of doing them is negligible. Paint a hundred cards now for each festive season, and you can make over five hundred rupees from each lot. If you think you have knack for the written word, you would enjoy writing a story or an article or a poem.

There is a very vast market for good material, and payments are not bad. Each attempt may fetch you over two hundred twenty rupees. Payments for poems are lesser. Be careful, however, to send only the kind of material the magazines generally publish. The list is endless. Almost anybody can find a moderately well-paying job. The good-looking can apply to a modeling agency; there is a fair demand for new faces. Those who are good at photography can also try to sell their pictures to magazines.

You can look out for other ways of making money. It is not difficult. Vacations are fun only when you have money in your pocket.

So make money while you have the time to do it. Once vacations are over, you will no longer be able to do as much. We would be interested to know about your attempts and the degree to which you attained success in your venture. Do write to us about it.


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