But didn’t know your dad that well,

But alas! Last night he suffered a stroke again and this was his third, and before we could call a doctor, he just expired and left us wondering whether life could ebb out like that? I don’t know what more to write as my pen is just failing me. Yours Sincerely,(Your Name)

2. Death of Your Friend’s Father

(Name)(Address) Dear (Name), I would like to express my sincere condolences on the recent passing of your father. My wife and the children also send their thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this difficult time. Although I didn’t know your dad that well, on the half dozen or other occasions that I spent time in his company over the years, I did come to realize his great kindness and compassion towards those less fortunate than him And I do know that he was very highly respected throughout this community and profession, and his good works changed the lives of many You were truly fortunate to have such a man as a model in your life. As you know, it was not that long ago that my own father passed away, so I have some idea of what you and your family are going through.

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No comfort is quite enough to replace the loss Please pass my deepest sympathies on to your mother, and brother, and sister, and to all of your father’s grandchildren. Very Sincerely,(Your Name)

3. Letter on the Death of Father

(Address)(Date) Dear (Name), We are shocked to learn the demise of your dear father from heart attack. We request you to maintain your calm and resign yourself to god’s will. What cannot be cured must be endured. Life and death are not in man’s hands.

We are with you in your bereavement. We remember your dear father’s loving and helpful nature and his last wish was to see you take the family business. Surely you will be able to shoulder it with efficiency and trust. May God bring you and your mother solace and the strength to bear this shock. Let us know if there is anything we can do. Yours sincerely,(Your Name)

4. Letter of Condolence on the Death of Father

(Address)(Date) Dear (Name) Words fail me to express my sorrow at the sudden death of your father. I was stunned when this news reached me, and I could not believe it.

A few days back I met him and he looked so cheerful and healthy. I wish the news was false. I loved your father as I do my own father. I shall ever miss him whenever I pay you a visit. I am with you and your family in this hour of suffering and darkness. May the Almighty grant him peace in heaven, and strength to all of you to bear this irreparable loss and tragedy. My parents join me in conveying you our heartfelt condolence and sympathy. Yours sincerely(Your name)


Letter of Condolence to a Friend on Death of his Father

(Address)(Date) My dear (Name), I am extremely saddened to know about the demise of your beloved father on_____________ (date) followed by the demise of your beloved mother about one year ago, thereby rendering you virtually alone’ Man has come down to this world alone and will leave alone. This is the inexorable law of nature and we have to muster all strength and fortitude to counter this unavoidable challenge of life. Under the circumstances, you have to face the challenge with courage/ strength and determination. In your present predicament you must not lose heart.

You have of course to carry the reminiscence of deeds of your beloved father which cannot be obliterated from your mind so soon. In the present situation of yours I have nothing but to give you solace, I pray to God to bestow you all strength and energies to smoothen the adverse situation confronting you now arising out of the demise of your beloved father. At the end, it is my prayer to the Almighty that He gives peace and tranquility to the departed soul of your father in his heavenly abode. Yours truly,(Your Name)


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