It was inaugurated on March

(c) Sahitya Akademi: It was inaugurated on March 12, 1954. It is a national organisation for the development of Indian literature, and also to set high literary standards, and to foster and coordinate literary activities. The Government of India has announced annual prizes for the most outstanding books published since independence in each of the 18 regional languages of India; prizes are also awarded for printing. Many foreign classics have been selected for translation into all the major Indian languages. (d) National Book Trust, India: It was set up in 1957 to encourage the production of good literature and to make books available at moderate prices to libraries, educational institutions and the public.

The Trust has published standard works on education, science, culture and humanities. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is the principal publisher of the Trust. (e) Indian Council for Cultural Relations: It was established in November 1949 with the object of establishing, reviving and strengthening cultural relations between India and other countries. Under Cultural Exchange Programme, the Council receives a variety of visitors, plays host to several delegations, awards travel grants and organises exhibitions and lectures.

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The Indian Council for Cultural Relations controls the Jawaharlal Nehru Prize for International Understanding. The ICCR operates under the Ministry of External Affairs.


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