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5 ways of overcoming fear and self-doubt low self-confidence and doubt on yourself stop many people from pursuing their dreams. Some people are afraid of failure that some people act differently; they chose what they love to and what they want. What are those things that are different in that group of people how they are so confident and never doubt themselves how you can also become self-confident and have no doubt to take risky steps here we have 5 suggestions that will definitely help you to overcome fear and self-doubt- 1- notice your achievements always celebrate your achievements even the smaller ones. Start the practice of noticing your achievements. To learn how to do this try to write down a couple of weeks in the diary everything that you did well. say nice words to yourself for every occasion. in a day you should get a minimum of 10 such cases. if you cannot get that much its likely that your habit of thinking about yourself in a negative way has become too strong. 2- analyze analyze all the possible consequences of an event that scares you so much. imagine the worst case. if you for example if you are preparing for any meeting then the worst result could be that you wont get the deal. Of course the fact is unpleasant but think about it how important this work is for you. perhaps this turn of events will give a chance to find a new and much better perhaps fate itself is pushing you to change your life. 3- small steps the essence of the method is to act gradually. if for example a person is afraid of heights and even cannot think about air travel it is absolutely not necessary to begin with what scares you most. To begin with any minimal step is suitable for example go up to the fifth floor go to the window sill make sure everything is in order and carefully look out the window. Small steps allow you to pass on an easy path to heavy loads. gradually you begin to easily overcome fears and self-doubt in such aspects of life that once seemed insurmountable. 4- forget about what people say whatever you do there will always be those who want to laugh at you to look for flaws in you. do your work without worrying about the opinions of others. Often at the heart of our inactivity lies the fear of being condemned. but it is impossible to please everyone. there are some people who drag you back but there are people who will appreciate and support you. do not suppress panic conditions with alcohol psychotropic or narcotic drugs. all they can do is drive the phobia even deeper into the subconscious. 5- mistakes are an experience everybody makes mistakes. but only those who do absolutely nothing do not commit mistakes. it is necessary to understand that mistakes are a precious experience that will help in the future. not one person who achieved great success failed the first time. so dont doubt yourself. try again and again and in the end everything will be in your favor.


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