5.4 be the biggest market for phablets with

5.4 Technological


The network technology is important for mobile device companies enabling
devices delivering new solutions and services to its users. The construction
and testing of 5G networks will start in 2017. 5G will be essential for
supporting connected things in the future, (Deloitte United States, 2017).


like advanced wearable’s will probably take some time to emerge but in many
categories there is already an increase penetration and use across the
ecosystem, i e             marwatches
penetration in US tripled in 2016 to 12% share of the US mobile consumer market,
(Deloitte United States, 2017).


Content and the Internet of things, are two technology areas to understand when innovating new
products and solutions for consumers. With new technology it is possible to
deliver content to any screen any where, enabled by improved network technology
and increased speed. The consumer-oriented “internet of things” will drive incremental
revenue and create new revenue streems in the ecosystem, (Deloitte
United States, 2017).

Android-based phablets have been the primary driver of large-screen
smartphones. Samsung has dominated the phablet category but they lost the position
because OEMs – many of which are Chinese OEMs – pushed the phablet category
into the mainstream and low end. China is the largets market with 50% phablets
shipped in 2016. China will continue to be the biggest market for phablets with
a growth at 12.6%, (Idc.com, 2017).


Samsung is the leading and most innovative
electronic products and services providers and the world’s
biggest seller of smartphones, (Ong, T, 2017). Samsung is investing in
R&D 3rd most of all companies in the world (Dollars), R, 2017). Samsung Electronics spent
US$13.2 billion on R&D 2016, which accounted for 7.3 percent of its
revenue. 2016 they slightly reduced its investment in R&D and they will try
acquire more of key technologies through M&A, (Theinvestor.co.kr, 2017).


It seems the
company has got return on their R&D investments with new products launched
the past years (figure 6). While
increasing The R&D spend Samsung reduced advertising spend, (Heisler, Y, 2017).


In 2016 Samsung facing a serious
the technological issue with the new release of Galaxy Note 7. The issue was
that within a month 112 new launched Galaxy Note 7 were reported causing fire.
Samsung had to officially recall 2.5 million sold devices. This issue damage
the Samsung brand and made the company look unreliable to its consumer. (Liberatore,
S. 2017). After this issue it has been known that other Samsung
models have had similar issues which indicate they have been not focusing
enough on the quality in their products, reported by Daniel Eran Dilger
with Apple Insider.


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