4a. was already performing better than the


I do not support Dr. Stef’s conclusion that any risk students are able to pass at least their course after passing through SI. The pilot was a sample bias and no variable is controlled.4b.

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Risky pilot participants may have better course performance than control pilot participants because we do not know what treatment the two groups faced and the sample size is small, so it does not represent the population.4c. The real source of this difference may be that the pilot experimental group was already performing better than the pilot control group, pilot experimental group could get external support or the control group could not get any form of SI. 4d. I recommend a larger sample size and treat some groups with some level of treatment to improve Dr. Stef’s pilot study.

3a. I would subtract the average of the overall grade experimental group and overall grade control group. 3b.

To calculate the variation between the groups, i would use the standard deviation. 3c. Statistical significance is the probability that the results of the statistical test are not happening. I will conclude that the difference in the average of groups is greater than two, then the difference between groups is statistically significant.


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