This of the genre of “another comic book

This movie as it differentiates light and dark, also showsthe blurry lines which separates them, showing how a man can go from good tobad and how good and bad can cross their paths in crosshairs.

Nolan also gives the audience something to think, givingjoker the line “Thisis what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object” showing thatthere is Light and there is darkness always and choosing what’s right can bedifficult most of the time but it’s worth it.More twists and deep conversations are portrayed in the movie such as thecompletely two different explanations about how joker got his scars, andemphasizing on the fact that however he got the scars they are still scars andcontinuing on that pathway will lead to more (When Batman Gives the Joker morescares in the final scene). These subtle ways of sending messagessubconsciously, has taken this movie into the next dimension pulling it out ofthe genre of “another comic book superhero movie.

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