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The President of India is the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army. The Indian Army has the distinction of being the world’s second largest army. It is a completely voluntary service. Though a provision for military draft exists in the Indian constitution, it has never been imposed.

The Indian Army was formed soon after India gained independence in 1947. It is deployed in many of the world’s conflict zones as a part of the United Nations Peacekeeping forces. The Indian Air Force is the air arm of the Indian armed forces. It is responsible for conducting aerial warfare and securing the Indian airspace. It was established in 1932 as the air force of the Indian Empire and the prefix Royal was added in 1945 in recognition of its services during World War II.

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After India achieved its independence, the Royal Indian Air Force served the Union of India, and after India became a republic in 1950, the prefix was dropped. The Indian Air Force is the world’s fourth largest. The Indian Navy forms the naval branch of the armed forces of India. It is the world’s fifth largest navy. At present, the Indian Navy operates more than 155 vessels, including the INS Viraat, the only full-deck aircraft carrier operated by a country in Asia or the Western Pacific, as well as operational jet fighters. The main objective of the navy is to secure national maritime borders. But the navy also helps India to enhance its international stature through volunteering for joint exercises, port visits and humanitarian missions, including disaster relief. The Indian Defense Services offers a platform for patriotic Indians to serve the nation by defending it against its enemies.

It offers an opportunity to garner fame and glory through heroic acts of valor and the supreme sacrifice of one’s own life for the country.


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