Through Socially, the honest and sincere men should

Through there are many causes of corruption but the chief among them are: Demoralizing of the character in general due to the centuries old slavery. It is difficult to stay hard working and loyal with low salary. Rapidly rising prices forced every man to earn as much as he could. Absence of institution that can watch the act the act of corruption and stop it altogether.The corruption is a great hindrance in the path of progress and prosperity. The plans are jeopardized. Money-making of the officers and officials in the charge of a particular plan brings in the inferior qualities of things, which causes the built-up structures to fall down and thus harm the national exchequer.

Hence to check this trend of corruption, government shall have to take short term and long term measures. As a short term measure, the strict legislation should be enacted for any kind of corrupt practice. None should be let loose however high dignitary he may be.

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Vigorous propaganda against corruption should be made through all propaganda media, press, cinema, radio and television. As a long term measure, education system should be so mended as to make it more ethical, moral and patriotic. The men of strong moral character should be employed in the education department.

Socially, the honest and sincere men should be rewarded. If such steps are taken, they will prove effective in rooting out this evil. Then only the country will be saved from going down the steep slope of moral degradation and march on the road to prosperity and progress.


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