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Many times the role of women as a housewife is given less importance. People fail to see the sacrifice a women makes for the well-being of her family. Only education and awareness can increase the status of women. We see more and more societies encouraging women education. Education is very important for both man and women, it is because of education people develop higher self-esteem and confidence. Many educated societies are rejecting age old practices and belies that lowers the grade of a women. There are many men, believing in equality of men and women and coming forward for the development of women. More and more women are venturing out from their home and making great changes in the world.

There are many examples of independent women who are considered an idol for the society such as Oprah, J.K Rowling, Mother Teresa, President Pratibha Patil etc. these are some of the examples of women who had the courage to challenge the male dominant society and succeed in life. Status of women was earlier defined by men. She was at the mercy of her father before marriage and after marriage was dependent on her husband.

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Now more and more women are becoming independent and are having an identity of their own. Thus, the status of women in society has changed drastically. But in many backward societies women are still defined by men, birth of a girl child is not celebrated and till date female fetus is aborted.

Although status of women have changed in many parts of the world and They are moving ahead, getting acknowledged and appreciated in our contributions be it to society, sciences, business or any other field but the equality status of men and women is not within the reach


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