We in hurry and pressure of work. In

We are living in modern times, facing the problems of modernity at every moment.

Our life has become so busy, so fast that we always remain in hurry and pressure of work. In this fast life, leisure plays a significant role because it relaxes us and brings immense joy. Our life becomes dull if there will be no leisure, no spare time. Here we can quote the feelings of a great English poet Davies who never likes the over-burden in life and wishes to have some leisure in the following lines: What is this life, if full of care we have no time to stand and stare.

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Obviously life is not worth living without leisure. We must have some time for our hobbies, which may be singing, dancing, gardening, painting, andx something like that. It rejuvenates us and sets a tone to the work ahead of us. Now the question arises how we should utilize our leisure time. Although it is on our disposal and we are free to pass it in our own way, we should always use it constructively and joyously.

Some people do not know how to put their free time to right use and consequently they often complain that they feel tired during holidays and vacations. These people misuse their leisure in sleeping, playing cards, listening to the radio, watching T.V. or at most in gossiping.

Misuse of leisure definitely brings to our own destruction. Hence, we should learn to use it wisely and meaningfully. Utilizing leisure in a right way is really an art. It gives us opportunity to acquire culture, to make and contemplate beautiful things. It offers an opportunity for aesthetic human relationships, for happiness and contentment, for sharing of the healthful and psychological values of friendship. In the leisure time we can think about the various creative works. We may take to some hobby which would entertain us as well as make us more cultured. During holidays, we may go out on picnics, as is done.

in the West, and thus get an opportunity of enjoying the beauty and freshness of nature. Picnics are always rejoicing and bring change in our routined work. They are also health-giving. They give us opportunity to come in contact with different people. Thus, we must pass our leisure time in a creative way.

It is the only way to get pleasure in true sense.


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