Happy Lucky Assemblies has the

Based onthe calculation, Happy Lucky Assemblies has the lower cost other than OriginalWire. However, the lower price should not be the only thing that Sheila need toconsider. Happy Lucky Assemblies:·     Eightweeks shipping lead time, which is much more than the lead time of Original Wire.·     Thecompany is the foreign company, therefore, there is a risk of currency. ·     Eventhough the price they offer is lower, there might have hidden cost because theinventory is shipping internationally.

·     Ifthe product has any problem, it is not convenience to solve the situation andit needs a long time to received other products. ·     Therealso has a risk of political and risk of geographical. As well as, more riskduring the long shipping process. OriginalWire·     Higherprice·     Only20 miles from Autolink’s headquarters.·     Theycan daily deliveries product directly to Autolink.

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Therefore, the company hasthe advantage of lead time. ·     OriginalWire doesn’t require special warehousing for their items, so there will nothave the additional cost. Overall, I think OriginalWire will be the better choice for Autolink.


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