Mumbai And the pulse of this metro

Mumbai is surprisingly coming under two railway zones: Western & Central Railways. Mumbai is chiefly bifurcated as East and West. And the pulse of this metro is the EMU local trains. From Church gate to Kundivali on the western side, and from CST Museum to Kalwa on the eastern side, these local trains play a major role for the growth of Mumbai, or otherwise this great city would come to a grinding halt!

In between, there are several important stations where die commuters entrain and detrain to go to office, college and school. As we were waiting for the arrival of Chennai Mail to roll in, we saw many EMU Local trains zip past up and down, away in the suburban platforms. Passengers gouged their way in and out as every train ran to packed houses.

Some youngsters travelled over die two couplings, while a couple of youngsters were travelling on the train roof, risking their neck with the high voltage live cables running alongside hardly a few inches away!

Just then another express train bound for Kolkata awaited line clear. At 6.20 sharp, the Starter signal at the end of the platform ahead of the waiting engine class WAM 4, changed from Red to Amber.

Seconds later, the chief guard blew his wised as he exhibited die green flag. The next moment, the engine emitted a long wised followed by a short one as it surged forward. It then picked up speed and rolled clear of die platform.

The next moment the platform plunged into silence, but it was only momentary. Five minutes later, die Chennai mail rolled in heavily and pulled up. The platform again became active and noisy. That is die routine scenario of this great Mumbai CST station! At last we picked up our relative. O, Mumbai, how I love you, you know?


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