Postman: of late, with the IT gaining fast

Postman: It is the postman who bridges the gap between people. He delivers letters and money orders to us. Letters are various kinds: communicative, happy, sad, love, invitation, call letters for interview, appointment orders, exam results and so on.

However of late, with the IT gaining fast momentum, the work of the postman has reduced considerably as people prefer E mail, SMS, telephone, etc. Whether scorching heat or rain or cold, the postman’s duty never stops. Policeman: Like many others, a policeman (also known as cop) is also a public servant. When there is a theft, riot, agitation, traffic snarl, law& order problem or murder, the policeman from the nearby police station at once rushes to the spot.

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The very sight of him wielding his baton scares away the offenders. In major cities there is a control room functioning all the 24 hours. One has to call it and inform to the police to rush to the spot. There are many branches in the police force; L & O, Crime, Traffic, CBCID, Q branch, DVAC, SB, Intelligence, PEW, etc.

Every branch deals with various cases related to them. Fireman: Fireman here refers to fire fighters attached to Fire Service department run by the concerned state government all over the country. The duty of the fire brigade is not only to light the blaze. Their services to the society are many folds.

During rain, flood, earth quake or anyone got trapped in the elevator or even if a cat had fallen in the well or any other natural disaster, Fire service is pressed into service! Considering their nature of work, the Govt, of Tamil Nadu had rightly renamed it as Fire & Rescue sendees, while elsewhere it is called as just Fire since only. Hats off to these professionals whose help is immeasurable to us.


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