Flower edges of paper. But I shall trace

Flower pictures are easiest to do because they can be cut out by using coins of different sizes. I would like to prepare a Birth Day card and I will take green paper and cut the shape of a bowl from it. I shall make the flowers by cutting two circles the size of a naya paisa.

One will be of dark mauve colour and the other will be in light. Then I shall pencil a small circle in the centre of each, and thereafter I shall cut the petals. After the bowls on the leaves and the light-green had been stuck, the flowers will be pasted on it so that one slightly over-laps the other. The leaves will also be cut out of small edges of paper. But I shall trace them from a nature book so that they look like real leaves. After that I shall keep some bold design of lettering from a magazine or a picture book. I would rather like to cut it out in the paper to match the rest of the picture.

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I shall put the pencil marks only on the back of the paper and I shall use a small very sharp pair of scissors for cutting out. I shall be careful to keep the outlines clear. I shall also prepare a New Year’s Card and that shall be very quickly done with a bright blue strip down the side, vivid green leaf, red candlestick, pale yellow candle with a deeper yellow frame which has an orange wick in the centre and the greeting in the same blue as the strip. I shall also put inside some figures and the small chicks, with two tiny chicks in the bowl. The chicks will all be made of yellow paper with orange beaks and feet, and the bowl brown, with brown words on yellow strips at the top of the card.

In this way I shall make set of greeting cards for the Hobbies Exhibition at my school.


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