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A business-man must have method in his work, or his affairs will soon be in a muddle. A successful business-man being asked how he could get through the enormous amount of work he had to do, said, “I always keep a clean table.” He meant that he never allowed correspondence and files and bills to accumulate on his desk. However late he had to work, he always finished all the work the day brought before he left his office, so that his table was clear.

He never put off till tomorrow what should be done today. A good clerk will always have his files in order and kept daily up-to-date. He will have a place for everything, and everything in its place; that he can put his hand on a letter, a bill, a reference, at once without any waste of time. He will plan out his day’s work, so that every hour will have its allotted task.

And though the work of his office be heavy, he will get through it with ease and comfort; whereas an unmethodical clerk will always be in a muddle and his work half-done, even though the work of his office is comparatively light. For a student, method in study is very important. Lazy stu­dent, who take it easy in their first year at college, get hopelessly behind with their work, and at last have to take to feverish cramming as the examination approaches, and generally fail as result.

On the other hand, there are over-eager and impatient students, who want to run before they have learnt to walk, and who, instead of doing each day’s work thoroughly as it comes, are rushing on to the advanced parts of their subjects, only muddling their brains for their pains. The wise student will con­tent himself with thoroughly mastering each day’s work as it comes. He will prepare for the lectures, the night before; will give his whole mind to the lectures in the class-room next day; and will the same evening revise the work done in the class-room in the morning, before he turns to tomorrow’s lectures. Such a student, by methodical and orderly work, will master his subject, step by step : and when the time for final preparation comes, his revision will be simply refreshing his memory about things thoroughly learnt.


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