The not the twisted fact. Another disgrace

The press persons have 110 set timing. Anything may happen at any moment and it is the duty of the journalist to rush to die spot and cover the event. While covering die news, he should act unbiased. He must report the event without distorting die facts. It is said that, ‘Facts are sacred, and comment is free!’ A journalist may have his own likes and dislikes. But he should not interpret.

If at all his newspaper differs with the view of the government, it can tell its views, pros and cons whatever may be, through the editorial column to drown some light on the subject. Based 011 it, the readers too are allowed to write freely about it, expressing their opinion. For this purpose, every newspaper, again, sets aside a portion like Readers’ Mail, letters to the Editor, Mail Box, etc. A sad tiling about this noble profession is that, of late journalists are accused of taking bribe to give good coverage. It is a disgrace to the profession that is considered as the Fourth Estate in a democratic country. Journalism says that a reporter/ correspondent are a watch clog of the public interest. He should rise to the occasion, if the public interest is trampled upon.

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He is the ring side viewer of the event. The readers expect only true happenings from him and not the twisted fact. Another disgrace is that, some newspapers back up die ruling pardes to bag advertisement! Even when the government makes a mistake, these sell? Centered newspapers distort the fact and project it mildly, and thereby they fool the readers! Such practices should be curbed out. It is praise worthy that newspapers keep us with up-to-date current affairs.


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