successful leadership in an increasingly

According to Shribergand Shriberg (2011), successful leadership in an increasingly multiculturalsociety requires cultural competency. The ability of individuals andorganizations to function appropriately and effectively in cross-culturalsituations or with diverse populations, as well as technical competency.Therefore, leaders must cultivate organizational cultures that are culturallycompetent in order to effectively mobilize their constituencies.

Successful multiculturalleaders have taken steps to understand how their own cultures shape their viewof the world and leverage their understanding of other cultural views, orcultural competency, to support their effectiveness. Great multiculturalleaders create environments in their organizations where they encourageteachings and learning around them, to support others in their ownmulticultural journeys. For example, they assist others on a one-on-one basis,but they also consider the organizational structures, policies, and practicesthat would enhance the overall organizational cultures.

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