The fascinating stories in our

The fascinating stories in our epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, stories from the Bible and the life of Mahatma Gandhi, the embodiment of goodness and compassion, are indeed inspiring. The stories teach the children the invaluable qualities of love for our neighbors, compassion for the poor and humility. Today’s students, whose lifestyle is not quite commendable, as they exhibit a fierce sense of independence, could learn a lot from our immortal stories. In fact, there are scores of books with stories from our epics and they all deal with the basic good qualities of human beings.

Some well-known ladies and educationists have contributed didactic stories to a valuable book brought out by a well-known publishing company. The book is an ambitious project with the aim of correcting the younger generation. Books such as this have immense educational and psychological value as they appeal to the impressionable young minds of the students. A school is an ideal platform for teaching the students.

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Teachers can inspire them as a group. When one student imitates another in being an ideal student, by helping others in distress, by being disciplined, by being studious in studies, it creates a chain reaction. All students as a group become model students.

The real purpose of education is molding the character of the students.


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