One’s are controlled by the nerves, that

One’s face becomes ashen due to fear, while it changes red with a gush of blood when one has feelings of shame. Emotions are certain thoughts entertained in the mind, i.e.

, activity in the brain. If one’s mental activity has negative forms – hate, worry, envy, fear, pessimism, etc. – it will certainly have harmful effects on one’s body. The importance of controlling one thoughts now becomes apparent.

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One’s brain­power can affect one’s health. All organs and functions of the body are controlled by the nerves, that intricate system of fibers which, like tributaries from a river, stem from the spinal column which in turn takes its rise from the brain. Throughout this complex system there appear to be nerve centers, each of which is responsible for certain localised activities.

Remembering this, perhaps it makes sense, as physicians hold, for the brain to issue instructions for the resistance of disease, the repair of unhealthy tissue and the smooth functioning of the whole intricate machine. It is very easy to transmit such instructions. After carrying out the day’s work in full, when you retire to bed, repeatedly intone before falling asleep – Every day, in every respect, I’m getting better and better.

In addition to such implicit assertions, you must make a point of thinking only positively and hopefully about your health and your bodily functions. Stop pessimistic thinking about your aches and pains. The body is such a complex and sensitive mechanism you are bound to experience little discomforts from time to time. You should try to brush them away, and never take them to heart seriously. Have a healthy thought that you are enjoying radiant, vibrant health.

Trust your body to work harmoniously while giving it every possible aid by adhering to clean habits, and by abstaining from all harmful practices. You should know the right ways to control your emotions, and to weed out unhealthy stress emotions like fear, apprehension, remorse, anxiety, frustration and disappointment. It is good to nourish the healthy emotions of cheerfulness, courage, determination, equanimity, pleasantness, and resignation.


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