the moment a teacher enters

First, the moment a teacher enters the class room, he/she wishes us which we reciprocate. After a brief exchange of pleasantries or a word about the wearier or about some interesting event that look place die previous day, die teacher plunges into teaching. This formality is to remove our mental block whatsoever and tune ourselves to concentrate. Then for the next half an hour the teaching goes on.

The teachers never sit in the seat while teaching. Instead, they keep pacing up and down, modulating their voices accordingly, maintaining eye contact with us all, however, with a probing look whether we understood the teaching. After finished teaching, the teachers sit for a brief period. Then begins another part of the session: clarifying our doubts. For the next ten minutes or so, he/she answers all our doubts.

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This session indeed helps us a lot as it polishes and gives a finishing touch to the lesson, which we find later very easy to remember and score high marks! There are some dull students too in the class. Hut 110 teacher ever speak ill of any such students. Every teacher of our school first assesses each student, their understanding capacity and weakness. Then attend to them tactfully in such a way that in the end even the dull students’ face brightens with a smile! They all speak encouragingly to the students and thereby motivate us all. Be it the tough mathematics or the boring English grammar classes, there is no dull moment. Knowing die psychology of the students, the teachers keep our spirit alive by cracking the jokes intermittently and thus roping in all of us in the main stream! More than Diwali festival, what we look forward is die Teacher’s day which falls 011 Nov. 5.

It is to commemorate the birth anniversary of our former President. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, a great scholar who took to teaching before becoming the President.


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