Summer: flight services. Blizzards (Snow storms) are frequent

Summer: This is the most feared season of all.

It comes between spring and autumn. During this season, part of the earwig coming face to face with the sun bears the brunt of intolerable heat. People wish to remain indoors at day time. The schools, colleges, and courts give holidays during the summer. Rivers and hikes go dry and in many parts, it results in drought! The countries near die equator suffer with the mercury soaring high beyond 45 Celsius! Autumn: It comes after summer and before winter. The leaves in the trees change colour and fall apart. It is generally slightly colder with mist.

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It is neither too cold like winter, nor too hot like summer. Winter: This season occurs usually after autumn and before spring. It would be very cold and many parts of the earth have snow falls, disrupting rail and flight services. Blizzards (Snow storms) are frequent during this time. Rainy Season: This is die most welcome season of all, though in some parts it ends in flood and divulge; drawing die normal life out of gear. Rain gets us water, the essential for all living beings, including for harvesting.

It enables plants, animals and human to survive. Rain is nothing but the water vapor. These four seasons keep coming alternatively, and thus the Mother Nature helps all living beings on the planet earth. The other planet that has similar season is Mars, as it too spins with a tilted axis. Here are some statistics: 1. Hottest place: ‘Dallal’ in Ethiopia is the hottest place on the earth with an average temperature of 35 C; even in the shade! 2.

Coldest place: ‘Polus Nedostupnosti’ in Antartica is the coldest place with an average temperature of -58 C. The coldest temperature ever recorded was at ‘Vostak’ in Antartica on July 21, 1983. 3. Windiest place: The windiest place on die earth is again in Antarctica; a place called ‘George’ with the wind speed reaching 320km/h


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