But can be as affectionate and loyal as

But mind you, our Rosy is die original Pomeranian breed! Come to drink of it, how to differentiate whether a Pomeranian puppy is original or not? My uncle who is a dog lover tells me that the original Pomeranian dogs will not be as white as a chalk! “Its coat will be slightly brownish, especially on the back!” Our Rosy has the same color of coats. That makes him an original breed. At home, we all take very special interest in him. Though we reciprocate his love for us, I guess, no one can be as affectionate and loyal as a dog to his master. We not only feed him with nutritious food, but also concentrate on his health. Once a week, we take him to the vet, besides giving him bath and filing his nails with a special instrument, brushing his coats and cleansing the interior of his ear with soft buds. Though he is lovable to all of us, he acts as a deterrent to visitors and thus protecting us always. The very thought that there is a dog in our house keeps many, from paper boy to door to door salesmen, at bay! My grandpa takes him out morning and night.

On holidays, we take him to the beach and play with him, tossing the ball high up in the air, which he would pursue and fetch for a performance. This is to give a good exercise to him. Though we have him as a pet in the house, we never disliked the stray dogs. We feed them too. When their menace becomes dangerous and intolerable, we call the blue Cross and other similar dog care centers and have them shifted, so that it would not pose any threat to any road users.

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The life span of dogs is around 14 years. To correlate with human’s life span, multiply the dog’s age by seven! Then you will know how old he /she is. Finally, when a dog becomes aged, do not ignore him. Give him easily digestible foods. Shower your love for him. Look after him kindly. Allow him to spend his last days peacefully.


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