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We used to watch a show in which a professor named Brian Cox would explain the wonders of the universe and his words made me very interested in this career.

His words inspired me in my life to begin to pursue this new found dream. The professor had achieved a lot in his life and also had a lot of fame. He had this effortless,uncomplicated way of explaining topics that would have been otherwise too hard to understand. He gave me a lot of knowledge and this put my thoughts deeper into the matter. It is a very tough profession to become an astrophysicist.

It requires a lot of knowledge and you have to pass many hurdles in life that will check your knowledge in the field. One must be ready to struggle in life to achieve their position in this field .Even after knowing all this, I am still determined to grow through the process of achieving my goal.I have already started working hard in the subjects required to get myself into universities to pursue my passion. I do know that everyone who aims does not reach the goal they aim at. Many struggle and fail on the way.

Some drop out in between. Some ill circumstances befall them. As for me, I am doing all I can to reach my goal. Only time will tell, whether I will finally reach my intended goal. I hope that luck will not desert me on the way as I will be clutching at it with hard work and determination .


I'm Mary!

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