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It is not just urban youngsters who participate in these shows. Many of the aspirants come from the hinterland, driven by an urge to escape the dreariness of their mundane lives. With stars shining in their eyes, they set foot in the big city and take their place under the arc lights like wannabe film stars. Some of them do end up becoming stars in their own right. Once they do life changes overnight.

Some can take it in their stride and go on to achieve more while others lose direction and flounder. The boy from Mahim, Abhijeet Sawant, the winner of Indian Idol, cut an album but still waits to make his mark as a playback singer. Amit Sana became a household name but the doors of Bollywood still haven’t opened up for him. Singers like Shreya Ghosal and Sunidhi Chauhan were luckier. They were able to land film offers and other lucrative contracts to sing on stage for star-studded events.

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The main problem with talent shows is that their format sometimes prevents the best talents from making it. Voting by the public in the form of SMS is likely to be biased. What happens is that the final winners may be the most popular rather than the most talented. But soon they realize that without genuine talent and discipline they cannot survive once the show ends and the publicity fades away. So the most one can do is to consider the show as a good platform to showcase one’s talents and enjoy the limelight while it lasts. After that it is a lonely road filled with obstacles. But true merit and perseverance plus some luck can get you where you need to go eventually.


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