English we are able to seek employment outside

English has come to stay as one of our own languages. There are scores of writers writing in English. There are many Indians who have achieved international acclaim by writing novels in English. Formerly the Sanity Academy did not give awards to works in English.

But now Indians writing in English are given awards. English is the legacy bequeathed to us by the British. We should thank them for giving us the gift of the English language, an international language.

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The greatest service the British did to us is that they have left us the priceless legacy of English. English as an international language has benefited us in many ways and it is undoubted that with our knowledge of English we are able to seek employment outside our country and earn well. In Germany, in Japan, in China and in some other countries English is not the medium of instruction in the educational institutions as in our country, – and the graduates and the postgraduates in these countries are handicapped in seeking a job in the USA or England. Indians writing novels in English have won world acclaim. It is said that Indians are proficient in English and this proficiency in English makes Indian engineers and scientists much sought after by the foreign companies.


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