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4000310515centerDate3300095000Date42000326390088000885126545000025308892557662Mphahlele TEStudent number: 201700537Degree program: MBChBLecturer’s name: Ms A CoetzerDate of ; 09 April 2018450000Mphahlele TEStudent number: 201700537Degree program: MBChBLecturer’s name: Ms A CoetzerDate of ; 09 April 2018Alcohol should be completely bannedAlcohol consumption leads to deterioration of health and negatively affects humans. It is a colorless flammable liquid which is produced by naturally fermenting glucose and is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer or spirits.

Heavy consumption of alcohol can damage organs and systems of the body. It mostly affects organs such as the liver, brain and stomach which are part of the digestive and nervous systems. Excessive alcohol intake leads to liver cirrhosis which leads of the liver and hepatitis B. It also damages the nerves causing slow and progressive degeneration of nervous system. Damage to these nerves causing problems in impulse transportation leading to poor response to stimuli. Digestion in the stomach and small intestines becomes slow resulting in reduced energy/nutrient supply to body cells. Alcohol is absorbed into the blood and cause blood vessels to constrict, leading to high blood pressure.

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Hypertension is a chronic illness which leads to death if left untreated.Alcohol being part of recreational drugs, is also a sedative substance. People misuse it to reduce anxiety, induce sleep or give them a calming effect. As a result, alcohol can cause dependence since it is a sedative. Heavy consumption leads to alcohol poisoning which causes slow breathing, seizures, vomiting, confusion and low temperature. Secondly an overdose can cause unconsciousness and death.Most people lose self-control after drinking alcohol. This happens because their nervous system is affected leading to loss of senses.

They tend to misbehave and become very violent towards other people. Most cases of women and child abuse happens when a man is drunk, since he lost self-control he can beat them up for no good reason. Drink and driving is very common in South Africa and drunk people drive recklessly above speed limit and avoiding road signs. Therefore, alcohol is one of the major factors contributing to road accidents and death of motorists.

The economy of our country is also affected negatively by alcohol intake. People who consume alcohol go to work with hangovers or become absent from work more frequently thus damaging productivity. Those with hangovers at work may sometimes be careless with dangerous machines, ending up hurting themselves. The company will have to pay sums of money for hospital bills and even end up compensating the employee if the damage is severe.

Alcoholics lose their jobs because of going to work with hangovers or giving themselves day offs from work. As a result, this increases unemployment rate.Alcoholics sometimes commit crimes they would have not committed if they were sober. Crimes ranging from home break-ins to rape and murder. Large amount of tax payers’ money is then used to prosecute them and meet the increasing demands of prisons due to increased numbers of inmates. People who drink alcohol spend a lot of money at clubs or liquor stores buying alcohol.

Some of them even use money allocated to buy groceries or to pay for children school fees to buy alcohol with. Their families suffer economically as well as emotionally because of this spending.


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