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          4. Nap.edu3.

Quora.com2. Marriage.co.uk1.

Wikipedia.co.inBibliographyIn recent times ithas been noticed that women are growing rapidly in all fields and not only dothey help in household work but also do their professional work which leads tostress also some time. Today’s women has also become self -dependent thus incase of separation from spouse she doesn’t have to suffer from economicproblems. The legislature is also working continuously to rule out socialdevils related to marriages. These days people are becoming less tolerant whichcauses divorce and separations.Conclusion The special marriageact deals with the inter-caste marriages.

Inter-caste marriage is a marriagebetween people of two different castes. Today’s youth has its own saying andchoice and they prefer getting married to someone with better mutualunderstanding between them. It is them who have to live with their partners forthe entire life and thus cast or religion is not a matter of utmostconsideration at all now. Love is a beautiful emotion and it should not beweighed with something like gender cast religion. All religion are equal andmarriage amongst it should not be a big deal cast or religion is conferred onus by birth and not by choice, then why are people of lower caste seen withsham and disdain ? India is a diverse country and things like this that happenhere is a  thing of pity. Thus the specialmarriage act is a special legislation that was enacted to provide to a specialform of marriage by registration where the parties to the marriage .

The Scope of Marriageact of 1954The marriage earlierused to be a permanent and rigid affair. The women could not break the marriageeven if she was not treated well. These days the women have become moreself-reliant and thus they can get divorce easily. The change in divorce lawsand liberation of women they can get divorced legally without any pressure fromthe families. Though due to the touch of the western culture the age of maritalrelationship has reduced because the people have become more rigid and they donot want to change for each other or adjust.Longevity of Marriage2. Special marriage act19541.

Hindu marriagedisabilities removal act 1945Earlier the marriagewas a very strict affair in terms of religion. The families were very rigid andsupported marriages in same caste only but these days they give more freedomand liberty when it comes to selecting partners. Now cross cousin marriages andcross religion marriages have become more common. The Arya samaj movement alsopromotes the inter caste marriages.   Relating to marriages the legislation passed the laws also such as Cross ReligionMarriages5. Less sex.

4. Always feeling guilty.3. Always rushed2. Too much to do1 .

Risk of getting caught up.The disadvantages of working in this way are:7. Great depth and width of life experiences.6. Children are more self- reliant.5.

Both men and women enjoy higher self- esteem.4. Men having more choices.

3.  More professionallychanged.2. Couples having more in come.1.

Sharing a common goal.Now a days as we see that both husband and wife are workingand running their family in a proper way maintaining each and every thingstogether and be a helping hand to each other and their entire family if thelady is also working in the family its shows an increase in the income of thefamily. But in earlier times the women were not allowed to work and just lookafter the homes and kids this change took a very important role in forming themarriage as an institution its today. These days the women start working beforemarriages and continue it even after the marriage.

Since both partners areworking they raise sufficient funds for a better standard of living. Theadvantages of working in this way are Both partners are working Literacy rate has increased in today’s world in the past timepeople living in the society had no idea of what they are  doing and what are the consequences of thethings ,they just simply follow rules and regulation of their fore father inthe society in a very strict manner according to UNESCO the current census shows that male member in the worldare more literate then women , but there is a slight difference in the ratio ofmen and women. There was a time when women were not allowed to move even out ofthe house’s they used to have many barriers in the society, but this tooka  major turn in innovating the societyfor girls.

In elderly time girls were forced to marry at early age. .Due tolack of literacy rate people do not know the pros and cons of the childmarriage.

But it has change a lot in the society now women are also given equalrights in the constitution.   Literacy rate   effectingmarriages in the society Marriage is an important social institution of Indian societyand has been endorsed as an important stage in one’s life. Marriage isconsidered a sacred institution in our Indian subcontinent.

Marriage,also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or rituallyrecognized union between spouses that establishes rights and obligationsbetween those spouses, as well as between them and any resulting biological oradopted children and affinity (in-laws and other family through marriage). Thedefinition of marriage varies around the world not only between cultures andbetween religions, but also throughout the history of any given culture andreligion, evolving to both expand and constrict in who and what is encompassed,but typically it is principally an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually sexual, are acknowledgedor sanctioned. In some cultures, marriage is recommended or considered to becompulsory before pursuing any sexual activity. When defined broadly, marriageis considered a cultural universal. A marriage ceremony is known as a wedding. It is an integral part of ourculture. India is a diverse country and thus has people from a number ofreligion and cultures residing here.

When it comes to marriages in Indiaarranged marriages are considered the best way to get a boy and a girl to tiethe marital knot Indian parents are the ones who takes utmost interest in itright from the girl and boy they want their child to get married to till timeof marriage.    CHANGING TRENDS IN THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGES AND FACTORSLEADING TO SUCH CASES


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