(Supplier on your loan be made with

(Supplier Name), Whereas the undersigned has now made full payment to you in the sum of ____________ (Amount), for all goods to be shipped pursuant to our order dated ____________; we demand delivery of said goods in accordance with our contract. Very Tally,(Your Name)


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Demand on Guarantor

Date ____________To, (Name), The undersigned is the holder of your guaranty wherein you guaranty the debt owed us by ____________ (Amount). Please be advised that payments on said debt are in default. Accordingly, demand is made upon you as a guarantor to fully pay the outstanding debt due us in the amount of ____________ (Amount).

Very Truly,(Your Name)

3. Demand that Future Payments Be by Certified Cheque

Dear, A review of your loan account indicates that you have had three cheques returned unpaid from your bank.While we regret having to take this action, we must insist that all future payments on your loan be made with certified funds. Any payment which is not certified will not be accepted and will be returned to you, possibly causing you to incur a late charge.In making all future payments, please send them to our attention for proper credit. Your cooperation is appreciated. Thank you,(Your Name)

4. Demand to Endorsers for Immediate Payment

Date____________To, (Name), The undersigned is the holder of the cheque to which you are an endorser.

Notice is hereby provided that said instrument has not been paid, and protest and demand is hereby made upon you to immediately pay the face amount of the instrument in the amount of ____________ (Amount). In the event payment is not made within ____________ (No. of days), the undersigned shall proceed to suit on your warranties of endorsement. Very Truly,(Your Name)


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