2. members. The relationship between abilities and


Abilities:Expressed capacity is ability. A talented employee demonstrates high performing abilities. Trained, experienced and highly motivated employees can perform better because they develop high abilities for task performance. Abilities indicate what the individual is able to do and how well he can interact with group members.

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The relationship between abilities and performance is positive. Employees having more abilities perform the task in a better manner. They behave well within the group and contribute significantly to the development of the organization. If the abilities of these employees are accepted, they tend to contribute more happily to the organization. Task-related and personality-related abilities have shown positive contributions to group behaviour. 3. Personal characteristicsPersonal characteristics such as age, sex, physical features, personality, appearance and mental aptitude have an impact on group behaviour and performance. An aged person is found more competent in group interaction than a younger person.

A more pleasing atmosphere is created with pleasing faces. Mentality and spirituality have a certain impact on group behaviour. The combined impact of personal characteristics may be positive, although the impact of a single characteristic is not accurately measurable. Positive attitudes have a positive impact on group performances.

4. Expectations:Employees’ expectations have always been controlling factors of behaviour. High hopes lead to poor performances, as high hopes are not fulfilled by management. Similarly, if the employee’s expectations are fulfilled, they get more satisfaction. Expectations of employees influence interpersonal relationships, rewards and performances. Unsatisfied expectations or ambiguous expectations cause frustration, disappointment and low turnover.

Proper guidance, autonomy and feedback lead to proper behaviour. Employees’ expectations should not only be linked with performance, but with the following of standard rules, procedures and policies. It is expected that employees will follow the organizational policies and practices.


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