The indicate the added responsibility of the college

The vocational guidance centers in the colleges indicate the added responsibility of the college authorities in finding jobs for their graduates and postgraduates. Let us hope that the vocational guidance centers will do their job quite vigorously in fighting out unemployment. The Government departments and the private institutions may consult the college and university authorities about their requirement for candidates for certain jobs. This is a good way of solving the unemployment problem. Vocational guidance is one aspect of the process of seeking job opportunities for the qualified candidates. More important than vocational guidance is giving advice to a student to opt for a course even in the school stage for which he has aptitude.

The classification of the students as having aptitude for literature, for technical subjects, for medicine, is done in the U.K., the U.S. and in some other countries. This classification is quite significant as after a candidate’s education he will opt for the job for which he has equipped himself/herself.

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Non-classification of the students according to their aptitude is a defect in our educational system. The government should introduce many changes in our educational system and curriculum so that the students will receive the best education and get the jobs most suitable to them.


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