But they are sufficient for a human being

But those who advocate vegetarianism say that the vegetables, rice and wheat have all kinds of nutrient properties and they are sufficient for a human being to live in good health. Green leafy vegetables are said to contain many nutrients.

Soya beans are a rich source of protein. The advocates of vegetarianism say that a human being’s teeth are not meant to eat the flesh of animals. Research reveals that the human beings’ teeth are meant only to eat vegetarian rood. It is a sin to kill birds and animals for our food.

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The Jains are vegetarians. They believe in not causing harm to any living creature. The main contention against non-vegetarianism is that a non-vegetarian eats fatty food. As the fatty substance increases in the blood it may cause heart attack and other deadly diseases. Food of excessive fat should be avoided, the vegetarians advocate. Great saints and poets like Thiruvalluvar and Rambling Daigle advocate vegetarianism. Many have switched over from non-vegetarianism to vegetarianism.

They have realized that vegetarianism is better than non-vegetarianism. It is good not to be non-vegetarian, not to get addicted to liquor and drugs. Restraint in eating and drinking is most essential for old health.


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