Discipline every school. So, when education takes the

Discipline is for all ages at all stages; be it at home or out. Discipline not only means wearing neatly pressed dress and studying well. There are more to it. Good deed, character, behavior, relationship with others, integration, action, respect to others, care for others, selflessness, punctuality, etc.

When standing in a queue or while traveling or whatever one does, it must not be a hindrance to others lest it pleases them without any interference. To cite an example, we can stretch our hands or legs as we wish, but at the same time, it must not affect die others in any way. That is discipline. So many examples can be given to it. But in a nutshell, so long as one’s action or speech does not embarrass the others in any way, and instead if it pleases die others, that can be quoted as a code of good discipline. While admitting me in the school, I had heard die Principal tell my parents that. “Discipline first, Education next!” This is invariably insisted in every school.

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So, when education takes the back seat comparing to studies, it implies the importance of discipline. Discipline is not part of the life. It is life! Every great leader in the world history had great discipline. Hence they coded achieve many things in the life which we enjoy now. The road to discipline has two ways: discipline imposed and discipline through liberty. Of these two, it is the latter that is sweet, like a green fruit diet spontaneously turned ripe without beating or putting any effort. Maintain discipline; become a well mannered man; develop leadership quality.


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