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We may become less fussy and demanding when we go home the next time and also appreciate our mother’s cooking more.

Then there is the issue of privacy. Most often, two or three students have to share a room. A policy of give and take and mutual adjustment is very essential to get along with people of differing temperaments. If we can establish a bond of trust and camaraderie with our roommates then we are lucky. It is better to be honest with each other and discuss problems openly. Space may be limited but even then we must not intrude on each other’s space.

When someone falls sick, the other roommates should take care of the sick person for sickness exacerbates one’s homesickness. Sharing problems with each other can help form good relationships. Roommates should share chores and take care not to do anything to offend others like playing music loudly or making a mess of the room. A few years of hostel life can therefore teach us valuable lessons in good social behavior.


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