My while she recovered consciousness. The doctor

My father had gone to Sabarimala the day before so we were all alone at home.

When we went home my mother had some gruel and then we retired to bed. We slept in adjacent rooms. At around 2.30 am, I was awakened by a noise. I ran into my mother’s room and found my mother lying on the floor. She was unconscious.

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Immediately I called the doctor who had attended to her and asked him what I should do. He told me to pour some sugar solution down her throat and call for an ambulance. I did as he said but instead of calling for an ambulance I called my neighbour on the phone and asked them if they could take us to the hospital immediately. My neighbour’s son came over and we managed to put my mother in his car. Then we sped to the hospital. My mother was put on a drip at once. After a while she recovered consciousness.

The doctor said it was a good thing that I had not waited for the ambulance as she could have gone into a coma. It is one day I would like to forget for I still remember the panic and fear I felt when I realised that I could lose my mother who meant the world to me.


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