All than anything else, my mother’s taste also

All around, we have left a vacant space for breeze as per the CMDA’s rules and regulations.

And every ten foot is dotted with coconut trees; there are eight of them. In addition, we have gardens with sweet smelling flowers and fresh vegetables. My parents’ room is at the right front, adjacent to the veranda. My sister’s is in the middle, beside the kitchen. And mine is at the west side, over looking die backyard. As it is on the west side, it would always be cool despite the summer, since there are big windows 011 both the sides. More than anything else, my mother’s taste also reflected in the way she had planned her kitchen. Again it is neatly furnished with sufficient cupboards and other paraphernalia with a small fire extinguisher at one corner; the dining room is adjacent to it.

At the north east, however, facing the east is the Pooja room. We have a purohit, who comes thrice a week and performs poojas. Although there was a well at the north eastern side before, we had closed it after it became dry. Now we have put a bore well. There is no water scarcity here.

As if to cap it all, the house of ours is located at Neelankarai, facing the beach! In the evening hours, we go to the terrace and there it is the paradise on earth! Steady, fresh sea breeze and die glistening water surface that reflect like a polished mirror, is a sight worth feasting for any length of time. For all these, I mentally thank my father who took pains to construct this house.


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