India urban India and the rural India. Each

India is a land of villages. The villages constitute eighty per cent of India. How sadly different is my rural India! The people there are not well-clothed. They look shabby and unclean. Their looks show that they are not civilized. They do not seem to be healthy.

The villages feed the rest of India. Only in the villages different types of crops grow and they reach the markets in the towns and cities. The villagers work hard to make the towns and cities prosperous. The Government undoubtedly pays much attention to cultivate in the rural people social awareness. More efforts are needed to give a better look to the rural side, to make the rural people more and more civilized. India of my dreams will be an India where villagers will be as smart, well-dressed and refined in manners as the urban people.

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The cities and towns are one half of India and the villages are another half of India. The cultural excellence, educational attainments and economic prosperity should be equal in both the urban India and the rural India. Each day we are progressing in diverse fields and the day is not far off when my dreams will be fulfilled.


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