Our place, passing their last days in retrospect

Our school authorities inform us before hand what to do. Accordingly, we take with us eatables, books, newspapers, magazines, religious books and visit old age homes where elderly, feeble people take refuge after they had been mercilessly deserted by their grown up sons and daughters! How cruel! To see them all at one place, passing their last days in retrospect of their own sweet home and children; now all gone; it pains most of us. So at least on this day, we meet them and share our joy to enlighten them and keep them happy, momentarily. While one batch visits such homes, another batch goes to orphanage, taking with them, food, sweet, dresses, books, stationeries, play things such as cricket and foot ball kits and entertain the ill-fated children their.

It gives us all a satisfaction equal to that of having secured state first in die examinations. And it also teaches many morals in our life that we should never neglect our parents when they become old, for it is their hard work that we, children, are leading a happy comfortable life now, unlike the children in the orphanage. It makes us realise our responsibility to study well and get name to our parents and to die school as well. We have long ago made up our mind to do that. Thus, goes our children’s day, mostly by helping to those who deserved.

How about you? Do you make anything worthwhile on this day?


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