textile and hundreds of other

Even the printing presses, textile and hundreds of other mills and factories and the cinematographs and computers and T.V. sets and the radio also work with electricity though the battery cells may also be used in some cases. The most notable achievements of science are in the fields of agriculture, industry and medicine and surgery.

In the fields of medicine and surgery, literally miraculous progress has been done. What are these-the bypass surgery, ballooning, heart and kidney and bone-marrow transplant? They are nothing short of miracles. Today, the people are greatly health conscious. Longevity has increased in most of the countries. Child mortality has been greatly reduced in number. We have so many health centers, gyms and slimming centers and nursing homes, hospitals and maternity centers.

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In the field of education and dissemination of knowledge, we have the use of e-mail, e-class-rooms, better schools, new teaching and learning methods, study through cassettes and several video- audio methods. In fact man is still exploring the vast uncharted vistas on the earth and in the sky. He is still trying to probe deeply into the past. Let us hope for the best.


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