Accordingly, states are 28 and the Union territories

Accordingly, it had ten Indian constitution, viz.

Political characteristics, Parliamentary form, and Fundamental rights enforceable by courts, etc. This system covered all aspects of life style, giving equal importance to all, irrespective of one’s religion, wealth, education and status. The constitution had been further bifurcated to 12 schedules, comprising of states and union territories. Remuneration to Constitutional authorities, Form of Oaten and Affirmations, Allocation of seats in Rajya Sabha and many activities. The Constitution was subjected to change, however, with majority in die Parliament.

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When a new law is to be enacted, it is to be presented in die Parliament as a Bill for debate and subject to acceptance by the majority of the members. The constitution underwent many amendments almost every year. According to an available statistics, it had undergone 100 amendments. The total numbers of states are 28 and the Union territories are seven.

The head of the country is the President. He/she is elected by the Electoral College, members of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The term of the president is five years. And the head of the union ministers is called the Prime Minister. The Republic India had liaised 12 Presidents so far, including Mrs.

Pradipa Patil, the current President. And 18 Prime Ministers, including Dr. Manmohan Singh! Republic day is also celebrated with great pomp and gaiety all over India.


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