The our team having control of the ball.

The game went on without any exciting moments till half-time. After the short break the game resumed with the centre-forward of our team having control of the ball. However, the opponents recovered faster, and they were masters of the game. They passed the ball in a very tactful way and reached near our goal. Their captain, who had been playing an expert game, aimed a kick towards our goal. It went straight into the goal while our goalkeeper leaned dazed on the other side. In the last eight minutes of the game to finish, our players began to play a defensive game.

Each tactics helped our team in weakening the morale on the part of the opponents and thus our players made another headway to the goal. When there were only fifty seconds left, the left front player of our team aimed a kick from the far left of the goal-post. Our captain who was standing near the goal received the ball on his head and deflected it to the goal. Indeed, the final minute of the game gave us the valuable lead and thus we won the match 2-1.


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