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360953787107Name : Alexander Mainye ID: 654409 0Name : Alexander Mainye ID: 654409 10467475546559 00 11309681792705 734000 1500011334759100972820 7340036300 4500339725center290090900DOES ENTERTAINMENT SPREAD VIOLENCE?Violence has been a prevalent theme showcased in the wide range of entertainment formats all over the world.

Violence has been seen as a controversial issue within the entertainment industry that will often take up headlines in the mainstream media. Different parties have emerged so as expressing their views about violence. Some parties believe that freedom of speech must be protected and are in favour of an environment unregulated environment for the publishers while others believe that we have a moral obligation to set boundaries on the type of content that should be released thereby restricting violent themes to the general public.

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These viewpoints have been at each other’s throats for so many years, but violence is still seen in many forms of entertainment such as movies, music, video games, the internet and books. In the movies such as Gary Ross’ The hunger games which is an adaptation of the first of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling trilogy of books. The story focuses on a young girl known as Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who agrees to go to Panem’s capitol in place of her sister Primrose, played by Willow Shields, so that she takes part in the brutal Hunger Games where only one will survive with their lives that is broadcasted live to its populaceCITATION Bar1 l 1033 (Bartlett, 2012). The film plays with adolescents’ apparent attraction to violence.

The main premise of the film is that people shouldn’t be entertained by seeing young people killed in brutal ways through the director showing us this realty through his work of art that may seem gore, but it does blur the thin line between fact and entertainment. As the film plans to show us that an entertained populace is a docile populace as the residents of Pane don’t realize that what there are partaking in is extremely brutal. The film thereby shows their inhumanity as there are watching teenagers murdering each other in their world and find that entertaining instead of condoning such behaviour. Video games are also under the radar. Video games such as shooter games like Call of Duty and adventure games such as God of War are well-known for featuring violence as part of their storyline. Researchers after studying the effects of violent video games on aggression have found evidence that these violent games do increase cognitive, affective and behavioural aggression CITATION Far17 l 1033 (Farrar, 2017). The types of aggression being studied in laboratories are not relevant to real life aggression as video game aggression may only be relevant to video games only.

Though research may have been done to prove this but at times the results of research on violence and video games may have been mixed as studies historically taken a very unsophisticated view upon video games. Video games do differ differently in their design and so they do differ greatly in ways they affect and interact with us psychologically. In some games the context of violence in game modes such as shooting zombies while defending a teammate may affect our internal mental state than shooting the same zombie for the same reason than sport Comic books are also been said to cause violence among the youth. A link has been found between aggressive themes featured in comic books and aggressive feelings in adolescence although no research has ever focused on the violent themes in comic book on adults’ perception of aggression CITATION Kir00 l 1033 (Kirsh, 2000).This research only fixated on the adolescent who partake in reading comic books that may be gore in nature . This type of research makes people bias towards the adolescent ability to different distinguish between good and evil and makes us assume that the youth have a copycat behaviour in which they imitate what they see. Violence in comic books may expose our young reader to violent themes which may expose him to harshness of how life can be in that given reality which mirrors our own world today.

The violence in this comic may indeed make the reader turn aggressive so as to cope with the harsh world of his and not being afraid rather than being submissive and allowing things to go on smoothly no matter how bad they may seem. Anime has also been seen as another form of encouraging violence in our world. Anime is known for its extreme and often gory themes of pain and destruction, as seen in most mainstreamed Shonen anime such as Naruto and One Piece . As you watch anime over some time You are often get these unforgettable depictions of violence in certain series that you couldn’t find equivalent’s in American television. Let’s take an example of the popular anime series such as Death Note which revolves around the life of a high school student ,Light Yagami , Who comes across the Death Note, a notebooks that kills anyone whose name is written on it . The anime raises interesting moral questions which challenges viewers like are serial killers evil if they are only targeting bad guys or is it bad to kill one person if you are saving multiple lives which Light usually does when he uses the Death Note as you watch the anime . Entertainment though as violent as it seems may actually introduce us to new themes and experiences that may the viewer curious and want to question the state of the world around them as what they see actually mirrors the real world . The lessons that the viewer may learn from the violent entertainment may be used so as to make a world a better place which all starts with the viewer .

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