walking is a mode of

Along with jogging, running, swimming, etc, walking is a mode of cardiovascular exercise for it improves blood circulation and makes the heart beat more efficiently. It is best to walk on an empty stomach. If needed, one can have a light snack before the walk. Investing in a pair of sturdy shoes is important. When walking, the arms should be swung slightly as this burns additional calories. One should walk in a quiet area where there is not much traffic instead of walking on the main road. One can avoid the pollution and the prospect of getting mowed down by a speeding vehicle, this way.

If there is a park near your house it is ideal. As today’s hectic schedules don’t leave much time for exercise, an ingenious inventor has come up with a device called the Morning Walker. It eliminates the need to go out of the house to take a walk. In fact you can just lie down and the machine will do the rest for you! Walking lends a glow to the face. This is because of the improved blood circulation. It also releases endorphins which induce a feel good factor in our minds.

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So walk as much as you can. You can reduce your visits to the doctor at least.


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