But adjustments, one must accommodate others. It

But in doing so one must make adjustments, one must accommodate others.

It is like this. While travelling in a bus or a train if there is a seat for two, the third man can be offered a corner of the seat but only if the two ones already sitting squeeze in a little make a little adjustment, curtail their liberty of comfortable sitting. So does it happen in the society? You have the liberty to dress yourself in whatever manner you please you can just be in a vest and shorts while within your home but coming out on the road you have to take care that you are fairly decently dressed. You can play upon your violin in your home but you cannot go up on the top roof at midnight with your orchestra and play at full volume. The neighbours have a right to a sound undisturbed sleep even though you have the liberty to play upon your instrument.

They have the liberty and right to sleep. It amounts to this that your liberty gets curtailed to accommodate the liberty of others. The road is there for everyone to move, but the rule of the road demands you to move on your left and not anywhere and everywhere, otherwise there would be confusion, collision and chaos. Liberty is, therefore, everybody’s it is personal liberty, but it has to be accommodative of other people’s liberty. That alone would allow social life to run smooth.


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