When Edison uttered the 1st word on

When Edison uttered the 1st word on telephone, little did he visualize that his humble invention one day will become a bane and a boon for civilization.

The world today is a global village. Communication, fast and swift, has conquered distance. Dial a number and you can even talk to people orbiting in space. Push a button * and you can say hello to a deep diver in the ocean. Such is the magic of the conquest of communication. This has assumed a new shape now.

It may be called the magic of the mobile or the menace of the mobile. While the distance between human beings has shrunk to nothingness, the menace has acquired alarming proportions. This is similar to the boon of the radio, which turned into a bane.

Radio sets from drawing rooms and bed rooms came out and were found hanging around the necks of even rickshaw pullers and domestic servants. It is a common sight to see labourers, rickshaw pullers, artisans, electricians, and vegetable and fruit vendors. Even maid servants carrying a mobile set. You can see them walking and talking anywhere. While this walk and talk revolution is sweeping the country, the dark side is also beginning to show. Communication is power. Excess of communication is poison.

There is a commonplace saying, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This is what is happening in the world of communications. It is tending to corrupt society in more than one way. A time is fast approaching when the world will to resemble the Tower of Babel.


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