For somewhat handicapped in the legal profession, unless

For the traveler and the man of business, no language is more useful than English, which is the mother-tongue of about a hundred million people, and is acquired for commercial and lit­erary purposes by an immense number of foreigners. Indeed, the English language is known so widely over the surface of the globe, and is spreading so rapidly year by year, that it bids fair to become in the. course of time a kind of universal language known and spoken all over the world. Such are among the general advantages derived from the knowledge of English.

But there are, of course, special reasons why Indians should master the language. As India is a part of the British Commonwealth of Nations, English is of unique impor­tance in the country, and only the very lowest posts in the service of Government are open to those who are ignorant of it. English being the language of the law courts, generally, Indian barristers and solicitors are somewhat handicapped in the legal profession, unless they are able to speak it fluently. The great bulk of the foreign trade of India being with Europe and the United States of America, a knowledge of English is essential for one and all in commercial offices and for those who engage in trade on their own account.


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