Libraries be books prescribed for some course or

Libraries are the store-houses of books. There are public as well as private libraries. We get through books the latest knowledge in the fields of arts, science, commerce etc.

This knowledge is helpful to us and enables us to achieve success in the field of our choice. Books are our never-failing friends. They never desert us even when all fair weather friends have deserted us. They dis­pel the dark clouds of gloom from our minds and increase our happiness if we are already happy. Through the ages, the scriptures and other great books have provided immeasur­able solace to the wounded and strife-torn humanity. There may be books prescribed for some course or profession, but then there are books for general study. The books of literature-poetry, drama, novel, short sto­ries etc.

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are generally highly thrilling and inspiring if they are written by a good author. There may be tragic, comical or humorous books. The question is that of an individual’s taste. To be a lover of books, though not to be a book-worm is a sign of good luck. A voracious reader gets much greater pleasure from reading books than a miser gets in hoarding money. The knowledge embedded in books is valueless; so is pleasure obtained from reading them. A good book absorbs the whole spirit of man: the reader’s pleasure is indescribable.


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