. The third and the last factor

. The third and the last factor in this mnemonic term ‘MUG’ is goodwill ‘G’. As per Kant if you think that you are doing something that is considered good, it doesn’t simply make the act good. There should be more to it. The only term that is considered very critical as per Kant in doing something good is the attitude, is the sense of duty then only our actions will have moral worth.

If we don’t do it from the sense of duty in order to be fair and honest then our actions will lack moral worth. In another words it can be said that this concept of goodwill is about having a desire to do the right thing. If one is doing something good just for the sake of some reward that is involved in it then it will not be considered ‘goodwill’ as per Kant. There is no other aspect in this factor of ‘goodwill’ other than doing it because it is your duty. Similarly in the use of sweatshops the corporations are not performing an act of goodwill because there is no sense of duty involved. They are not acting from the sense of duty that is to be fair and honest. They are not acknowledging the humanity of workers in the factories who are being exploited and nothing is being done to avoid any further exploitation

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